The Sinister Delight


Peach Ghost Sauce

Peaches, Vinegar, Honey, Brown Sugar, Ghost pepper, Scorpion pepper, Habaneros

1st place Best Fruit Flavoured Hot Sauce – 2021 Canadian Hot Sauce Awards, 2nd Place  2022 International Flavor Awards – Spicy Fruit Sauce, Top 10 Finalist Fruit Based Division at Old Boney Mountain International Hot Sauce Competition 2022

Ships From: Canada

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Villain Sauce Company


After years of trying various hot sauces for the extreme heat, and also trying milder sauces to get the flavour boost that hot sauces can provide, founder Chris Badanjak decided to try his hand at making his own hot sauce to get the best of both worlds.

On one dark and stormy night, the first hot sauce experiment was conducted, and from that moment on, there was no turning back, as trial after trial produced unique flavours with different levels of heat and flavour combinations more astounding than the next.

Founded in 2020 based out of Brantford Ontario, Villain Sauce Co. was born, and the primary objective is to produce Hot Sauces that will give you an amazing full flavour experience, but also kick your ass just enough to know it got kicked.